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Clash of Kings: Newly Presented Knight System – Troop Basics

Troops are the standard units you need to train and command in Clash of Kings. Without them, you cannot start waging war against neighboring kingdoms and conquer them. But apart from military purposes, troops are also essential since they also stand as your castle’s first line of defense.


Clash of Kings Troops


Troops also act as resource gatherers that help you accumulate supplies to bolster your forces. As such, you need to know the different troop types so that you can come up with the perfect strategy. This helps you know where to allot your kingdom’s resources when you plan on mustering your defenses or staging an invasion.


Troop Types

There are four basic troop types in Clash of Kings. These are the Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and Chariots. Each type can be broken down further into different classes. Here is a quick reference for the aforementioned Troop Types:



Infantry units can be trained at the Barracks, and they can be further classified into two different types. The first one is the Tank type. These infantry units have high HP and Defense but have low Attack. They are usually stationed in the front lines whenever you attack a castle since they soak a ton of damage from enemy forces. Moreover, they are exceptionally good against Archers since they take less damage from them.

The second Infantry type is the Damaging-Infantry. As their name suggests, these units are used for offensive purposes during battles. Unlike Tanks, Damaging-Infantry has low HP and Defense, but more than makeup for it by having high Attack damage.



Archers are the ranged units in the game and they have the lowest HP among the four Troop Types. They are trained at the Range. Just like Infantry, Archers have two subclasses—the Crossbowman and the Bowman.

The Crossbowmen have stronger Attack and longer range, but they attack slower. They are also more effective when used for defense. Meanwhile, Bowmen have quicker Attack Speed but have a shorter range and Attack power.



Cavalry units are trained at the Stable and boast high Attack with decent HP and defense stats. These are fast troops that can help whittle down opposing armies thanks to their mobility.

There are two types of Cavalry units—Melee and Ranged Cavalry. Melee have slightly lower Attack stats than Ranged Cavalry and are often targeted first by enemy troops. However, they can dodge enemy attacks since they are swift riders. Ranged Cavalry has higher Attack stats than Melee, and are usually stronger when they are deployed in Resource plot battles.



Finally, there are Chariot units. They become available once you’ve created the Siege Engine Factory or Chariot Plant. Chariots have a high load capacity to go with decent HP and Defense, but they are the slowest units in the game.

There are two types of Chariot units—Siege Engines and Farmers. As their name suggests, Siege Engines are often used when you siege a castle. They have high Defense and low HP and are exceptionally strong when deployed during sieges. Lastly, Farmers are used to increase your capacity to gather food and other resource plots.

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