How to Play Clash of Kings: Newly Presented Knight System

Clash of Kings is an MMO strategy game that revolves around building your kingdom and bolstering your forces to later engage in epic skirmishes and go to war against opposing kingdoms. Apart from training your troops, there are some more nuances that you need to know so that you can expand your reach across various regions more efficiently.


Base Building and Troop Training

The game starts off by giving you a castle and some basic resources. It is up to you how you would spend your initial resources to create structures or train troops. For instance, there are some valuable supplies outside your castle that you need to gather such as wood and ores.




You need to create the correct buildings so that you can gather supplies and utilize them accordingly. Once you have gathered enough resources, you can build the barracks where you can train different types of troops such as infantry and archers. These troops play a crucial role in defending your castle and invading neighboring kingdoms.


Upgrade Troops and Structures

As your empire expands further, you learn more ways to improve your realm from the kingdoms you’ve conquered. Case in point, some quests you complete might give you the ability to upgrade some of your structures.

Should you decide to upgrade, you gain access to new units, upgrades for your forces, and structures that help gather precious supplies for your kingdom. These new units allow you to further strengthen the might of your troops, gather more resources efficiently, and conquer territories easily.


Forge Alliances

If capturing a region or overthrowing an opposing kingdom becomes difficult, you can opt to employ diplomacy. In Clash of Kings, you can forge alliances with other players in order to defeat more powerful regions and complete harder quests throughout the game.

Having allies in Clash of Kings makes invading and conquering easier, but of course, you will have to think strategically whether you still wish to be allied with neighboring kingdoms once you’ve accomplished your goals.

This is because eventually, you might wage war against the same ally—especially if they suddenly pose a threat to your own rule or expansion. However, if you wish to maintain the alliance, you are free to do so. Just remember to bolster your defenses (just to be on the safe side).


How to Play Clash of Kings on PC

If you want to enjoy this action and strategy game on PC, you can download a free Clash of Kings: Newly Presented Knight System for desktop here! Just click on the download icon or visit our download page to get started. Just make sure that you have a stable Internet connection so the process won’t go uninterrupted.