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In 1973, Steve Colley founder of nCube wrote a program that allows the operator to navigate mazes from a first-person perspective. The program would evolve to become the first networked game, the first FPS, and the title that introduced the very first graphic world into the industry of gaming. Unbeknownst to its creator, this program would pave the way to a genre that 30 years later will evolve to become one of the biggest genres in the industry of video games industry. Today, it is known as the Massively Multiplayer Online games or commonly called as MMO.

Moving forward, MMOs are also known for their virtual economies. For those new to the term, it means employing the use of virtual currencies to avail in-game items. Virtual Economies, for the most part, serves as the life force of an MMO, especially the free-to-play variants.

With that said, the majority of MMO titles, despite being inspired by a space-themed game called Spacewar, feature themes inspired by fantasy, medieval, or a combination of both. One example is the highly-downloaded MMO strategy game called Clash of Kings from Elex Wireless.

Massively Multiplayer Online World

Since its official launch in December 2014, Clash of Kings game has evolved to become exactly what a Massively Multiplayer Online as foretold. Raking in over 65 million downloads in its first year alone. To that end, let’s take a quick overview of some of the most iconic features of the game’s latest version called Clash of Kings: New Crescent Civilization.

Clash of Kings game hails from the Beijing-based video game development studios of Elex Wireless. The latest version; New Crescent Civilization is a continuation or expansion of the classic Clash of Kings saga. Clash of Kings: New Crescent Civilization promises a more expansive experience, new civilizations, new ranking system, and new armies. Explore the new world and civilizations today straight from your PC. You can also try Clash of Kings: Wonder Falls, too.

Detail-Rich Presentation

One of the most noticeable improvements in Clash of Kings: New Crescent Civilization is the visual presentation. Compared to the original game, the new version does not only feature new and improved graphics but new details as well. From the fluid character animation down to the tiniest structural details, Elex Wireless made sure the new version will usher in a fresh experience for both new and veteran players of the game. Plus, not to mention that the new version also comes with a more brilliant sound and visual effects to create the perfect ambiance for the player.

Weekly Updates

Another interesting feature in Clash of Kings is the regular delivery of updates. Unlike other MMOs, Clash of Kings receives weekly updates straight from the game’s developer. Even better is that each update contains more than just optimizations and bug fixes. Each week, players get a sweet treat in the form of event rewards, new features, new heroes, and other in-game loot.

One example of these events is the “King’s Dispute” that comes loaded with a plethora of rewards and challenges. Examples of the activities during the event is Cake Wars. This is where players collect cakes and smash other players with it. Then, there’s the Warm Winter Banquet. This is a team effort that features a participation-based reward system (the number of participating allies, the bigger the reward). Also, Solo events like Kill the Headless Knight. This is where the players who were able to eliminate the highlighted character will receive a reward.

Ever-Expanding Universe

Clash of Kings: New Crescent Civilization not only brings a fresh batch of contents into the game but also expands the game’s already massive universe. In this version are four new civilizations for the players to explore. With that also comes new items, structures, heroes, armies, and characters into the game. In addition, it also has the official Clash of King’s official novel. Surely, it is best for players who want to delve more into the game’s main narrative.

Rebate System

The Clash of Kings update also features events whose sole purpose is to give back to the community. It is called the Rebate Zones, which pop-up as timed events in the game. During these events, returning players can get ahold of huge rewards and rebates at a click of a button. Clicking or joining in these events allows players to receive a generous package from the game called rebates. In addition, they can still participate in other activities including daily challenges and other rewarding tasks.

Skill-Based Gameplay

Clash of Kings game like most free-to-play MMOs employs the use of microtransactions. Commonly translated by some players as a pay-to-win system. With that said, part of what makes Clash of Kings stand out from the rest is the well-balanced gameplay. Also, its matchmaking that still relies heavily on the strategic skills of the player is important as well. Moreover, a kingdom with a strategic defense system is still a challenging territory to attack. Even for someone who spent some real-world currency into the game.

To that end, it all goes down to grinding. Surely, some players will find it a little frustrating and a challenge to hardcore players. Check out the game today! Share it with your friends, build an alliance, and become the kings of Kings in this epic game.

Clash of Kings: New Crescent Civilization brings the genre of an MMO strategy game to the next level. The new version comes with tons of features, characters, items, and quests just waiting for someone to explore and discover. Click on the Play Now button on your screen and build the perfect kingdom straight from your PC.

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